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Data base date : February 8, 2017

How much do you know about Seoul’s architecture?

  • The Seoul Metropolitan Government publishes the Seoul Architectural Guide and the Seoul Architectural Map, two guidebooks which provide detailed descriptions of noteworthy buildings in Seoul.
  • The guidebooks introduce approximately 380 buildings that represent Seoul by era and district.
  • The guidebooks also list the 10 best tour courses by location and theme, including Seoul City Wall, Sejongdaero, Jeong-dong, and Deoksugung Palace.
  • With these guidebooks, the Seoul Metropolitan Government hopes that are able to easily identify and find famous buildings and enjoy the city’s great architectural culture.
  • The Seoul Metropolitan Government has published the Seoul Architectural Guide and the Seoul Architectural Map. In these books, the Seoul Metropolitan Government describes the traditional architecture and modern-contemporary architecture of Seoul to aid the public’s understanding of the history and culture of the city’s architecture. With the guidebook and map, the Seoul Metropolitan Government hopes to make Seoul more attractive to foreign tourists as well as to its citizens.
  • The Seoul Architectural Guide lists and describes 380 traditional and modern-contemporary buildings in Seoul. The guidebook explains these urban buildings (organized by era and district) to aid the public’s understanding of the architectural and urban history of Seoul.
  • The Seoul Architectural Guide and the concurrently published Seoul Architectural Map include 10 tour courses that are focused major points of interest in Seoul. The following themes are covered in the Seoul Architecture Cultural Map (detailed tour courses by theme and time required for each course are included): ⓛ Seoul City Wall ② Sejongdaero ③ Jeong-dong + Deoksugung Palace ④ Jong-ro ⑤ Myeong-dong ⑥ Daehangno ⑦ Jangchung-dong ⑧ Seongbuk-dong ⑨ Teheran-ro ⑩ Urban Residences
  • In particular, the cultural tour courses described in the Seoul Architectural Map have attracted great attention and interest from citizens.
  • The Seoul Architectural Guide and Seoul Architectural Map will also be made available in foreign languages in conjuction with the opening of UIA 2017 Seoul to better promote the city’s architectural culture.

Cover of Seoul Architectural Guide


Traditional architecture in Seoul Architectural Guide



Modern-contemporary architecture per district as found in Seoul Architectural Guide


Modern-contemporary architecture section of Seoul Architectural Guide



Cover of Seoul Architectural Map


Daehangno modern architecture tour course in Seoul Architectural Map



Daehangno modern architecture courses by theme in Seoul Architectural Map