Diversifying Communication Channels


Data base date : February 8, 2017

Seoul’s ‘Honorary Vice-Mayor’ is the field messenger who connects citizens with the Seoul Metropolitan Government

The Seoul Metropolitan Government has introduced the currently operational “Honorary Vice-Mayor” system, in order to gather opinions and voices from the field and to reflect them in the City’s administration. To that end, the Seoul Metropolitan Government has appointed honorary vice-mayors who represent twelve different groups, including the elderly, the disabled, traditional merchants, foreigners, women, youth, small businesses, culture and arts circles, tourism, urban safety, environmentalists, and young adults. These honorary vice-mayors represent the hidden voices in the field, which are then reflected in Seoul’s policies.

Beginning with the appointment of three honorary vice-mayors of the “elderly,” “the disabled,” and “youth” in 2012, a total of 12 honorary vice-mayors, in different fields, have been appointed as of October 2014 to participate in 678 activities, including meetings and discussions, and events, such as the opening of the Seoul Senior Center, and inspections of traditional markets.

From now on, the honorary vice-mayors will do their best as communication channels to reflect the voice of the people in Seoul’s policies.