City Administration Plans


Data base date : February 8, 2017

We shall administer healthy finance together with citizens.

1. Reduce the debt of 7.0508 trillion KRW


  • City: Reduce debt by 1.3032 trillion KRW (184.8 billion KRW ► KRW 1,881.6 billion KRW) – Easing verification of the feasibility of establishing the Seoul Public Investment Management Center and the viability of investment projects
  • SH: Reduce by 7.1369 trillion KRW (13,365.5 billion KRW► 6,228.6 billion KRW) – Innovate management, and adjust the time for development project investment ※ Investment time may be adjusted in line with adjustment of the sell-off time for the Mogok area
  • Subway and Agricultural and Marine Products Corporation: Increase of 3,893 trillion KRW– Debts should rise due to the improvement of dilapidated facilities and increased demand for investment

2. Intㅁroduction of budgeting system with citizen participation


  • Enact the regulations on budgeting with the participation of citizens and establish a council (2012)
  • Gather citizens’ opinions, and review and reflect them from the budgeting stage

We shall implement open administration to allow citizens to fully enjoy their rights.

1. Prepare system foundations for respecting human rights and other civil rights


  • Enact the rule on Seoul citizens’ human rights and other civil rights (June 2012)
  • Establish a council for promoting Seoul citizens’ human rights and other civil rights (July 2012)
  • Devise the basic plan for promoting Seoul citizens’ human rights and civil rights (December 2012)

2. Disclose administrative information to guarantee civil participation


  • Establish the Seoul Information Communication Center
  • Disclose all information except private information
  • Develop the “Seoul Hope Life Index” (2012) and report it to citizens

3. Activate field communication with civil participation


  • Diverse communications such as workshops on policies, masil, Internet and SNS – Gather opinions on pending policies
  • Reflect valuable civil opinions in policies – Complement and develop civil ideas and reflect them in policies
  • Introduction of civil participation Ombudsmen – Participation of civil specialists in various areas to survey and offer suggestions

We shall foster communities properly to create a better Seoul for everyone.

1. Build the foundations for fostering village communities (25 locations in 2014)


  • Survey of village communities, and planning for support (June 2012) – Regional characteristics, human and material resources, support methods, etc.
  • Support for the creation of villages – Citizens implement voluntary projects; the public sector provides administrative and financial support

2. Establish comprehensive support centers for village communities (2012)

Voluntary civil committees


  • Play the role of networking between the private sector, city, and districts
  • Support education, mentoring and projects between support centers

3. Operate citizen-centered village schools (25 schools in 2014)


  • Realize community education – Lifetime schools, children’s schools, village academies, etc.
  • Build a system to link with community education programs