Data base date : February 8, 2017

The Seoul Metropolitan Government Budget is planned in association with citizens

Seoul Metropolitan Government allows citizens to increasingly participate in the planning of policies beyond just reflecting their opinions. Such typical examples include the citizen-participatory budgeting system, by which citizens propose community projects, and by which the budgeting committee, which is comprised of citizens, strictly reviews such proposals to reflect the corresponding costs in the city budget. In order to ensure financial transparency and finance allocation fairness, Seoul adopted the citizen-participatory budgeting system in May 2012.

Selecting 223 projects worth 50.3 billion KRW for 2014 through the citizens’ participation system (The Seoul Metropolitan Council endorsed 202 projects worth 44.8 billion KRW)

Citizens’ participation increased drastically in 2013, in particular. Citizens’ rate of participation in the budgeting committee was increased by 80%. To ensure the reliability of projects involving citizens’ participation in their budgeting, the review system was bolstered. Seoul selected 2014 projects involving citizens’ participation in their budgeting by gathering their proposals for the budget. The city did so by holding 25 districts’ meetings, by determining projects to be tabled for the general assembly after subcommittees reviewed them, and finally by the general assembly holding a participatory budget meeting for citizens to be able to vote on the budget.


Citizen Participation Budget System