Data base date : February 8, 2017

Seoul Metropolitan Government provides a job-customizing education service for women to be able to both work outside the home and care for their families. This service provides education for women in relation to occupations that are available in their area of residence and provides them with assistance in finding jobs near their home. Please refer to the numbers below for more information. 


Women’s Development Center

  • +82-2-460-2322

Women’s Development Center

  • West : +82-2-2607-8791 / South : +82-2-802-0922 / North : +82-2-972-5506 / Central : +82-2-719-6307

Workforce Development Center for Women

  • Jongno : +82-2-765-1326 / Yongsan : +82-2-714-9762 / Jungnang
    : +82-2-3409-1948 / Dongdaemun : +82-2-921-2020 / Gangbuk : +82-2-980-2377 / +82-2-980-2381 / Nowon : +82-2-951-0187 / Eunpyeong : +82-2-389-1976 / Seodaemun : +82-2-332-8661 / Gangseo
    : +82-2-2692-4549 / Guro : +82-2-867-4456 /Yeongdeungpo : +82-2-858-4514 / Dongjak : +82-2-525-1121 / Gwanak : +82-2-886-9523
     / Seocho : +82-2-6929-0011 / Songpa : +82-2-430-6070 / Seongdong
    : +82-2-3395-1500 / Disabled : +82-2-6929-0002

Images of the centers

Southern Women’s Workforce Development Center




Northern Women’s Workforce Development Center




Support for marginalized women

Care center for homeless women

This center provides appropriate services for homeless women. It attends to the mental, physical, emotional, and personal needs of these women in their daily lives.

Support center for disabled women
  • Four Eoulim Centers are currently in operation to help women with disabilities to become full members of theirsociety and their communities.
  • Provides customized counseling services; education to foster capabilities; and medical, legal, and employment support services, together with local communities.
  • Provides comprehensive assistance services needed in the daily life of women.  
The Neulpureun Support Center for Women



  • Purpose: to improve safety, health, and capabilities of female teenagers
  • Main projects: sex education exclusively for female teenagers, information center, independent schools, and independent training centers
  • Tel. : +82-2-322-1585

Happiness for Women Project

This project
provides a 50 percent discount on high-quality cultural performances through
partnerships with relevant cultural art centers. The Happiness for Women
Project offers this discount in order to provide opportunities for housewives
and women who rarely get the opportunity to enjoy art due to a tight budget
and/or having too much housework. 

  • Inquiries :120(Dasan Call Center)

Women’s Development Fund

  • The Seoul Women’s Development Fund was founded by the Seoul Metropolitan Government in 1996 to execute women development policies, such as the improvement of gender equality and the expansion of women’s social participations.
  • The Women’s Development Fund support project began in 1998; it has selected and supported 1,044 projects of 937 organizations as of 2013.