Seoul Trail

Introduction to Seoul Trail

서울 둘레길 Seoul trail

The 157km-long Seoul Trail surrounding the city has eight courses. They contain stories about the history of Seoul, its culture, and ecosystem. Visitors will find that the courses offer many things to experience and enjoy. The courses run through forests, along streams, and through villages. Visitors can rest at lounges and cafes along the courses. They can learn about the country’s history at olden-day temples and historical sites. The trails are easily accessible and formed mostly on gentle slopes, allowing for safe and convenient use.

Seoul Trail Composition

  • Formed along mountains and streams surrounding Seoul and linked with village roads
  • 8 courses; 157km in total
  • Forest sections (85km), sections along villages (40km), and sections along streams (32km)

Seoul Trail Concepts

  • A path for people

  • A path for nature

  • A path for walking

  • A path with stories