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Data base date : February 8, 2017

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The best way to see popular tourist destinations within a limited time frame is to use the City Tour Bus, which stops at major spots throughout the city. The Seoul City Tour Bus is designed as an effective transit solution that allows its patrons to hop from destination to destination.

The Seoul City Tour Bus is a great mode of transportation whether you are visiting from abroad or planning a trip to Seoul from a closer location. One ticket will grant you access to all its routes throughout the day. Simply get off at your chosen attraction, tour the area, and catch the next bus according to the bus schedule to continue your trip.


Traditional Culture Course


Gangnam City Tour



Downtown Palace Course


Seoul Panorama Course



Night View Bus(Single-decker)

one deck bus

Night View Course (Double-decker)

double decker bus


  • Multi-language voice guidance system : The headphones installed in every seat allow tourists  to receive the city’s tourist spot guidance service in four languages – Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese.
  • LCD monitor: Each seat is fitted with an LCD monitor that displays destination information before each stop.

  • Interpreter: One interpreter is available on each bus. (A least one of the following languages is provided: Japanese, English, Chinese.)

  • Leaflets: Leaflets containing information on available courses on the City Tour Bus (Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese )

Departure Point and Operating Hours

Price and Inquiries 
Category Traditional Market Course Gangnam City Tour City Course
Downtown  Palace  Course Seoul  Panorama  Course Night View Bus (Single-decker) Night View Course  (Double-decker)
Departing From West side of 
Design Plaza
In front of Dongwha Duty Free Shop, Gwanghwamun 
(Gwanghwamun Station, Subway Line 5, Exit 6)
Time 9:30-18:30 
~ 20:00
(Last bus 
at 19:00)
09:00-17:00 19:30 
Interval 35 min. Approx. 
1 hour
30 min. 1hour Once 
a day
a day
Holidays Open 365 days Open 365 

  • ※ Open as usual in case Monday is a Public Holiday
  • ※ Open as usual during summer holidays/vacations (fourth week of July to August 15)

Price and Inquiries

Category Traditional Market Course Gangnam City Tour City Course
Downtown  Palace  Course Seoul  Panorama  Course  Night View Bus  (Single-decker) Night View Course  (Double-decker)  
Adult 15,000 won *12,000 KRW (1 day) 18,000 KRW (2 days) *12,000 won
Teenager or Younger 10,000 won 3-18 years of age: 10,000 KRW 48 months-12 years of age:  6,000 KRW (1 day) 13-18 years of age: 15,000 KRW 48 months-12 years of age:  10,000 KRW (2 days) 10,000 won
Ticket Office At each bus station in front of Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Seoul Station or Gwanghwamun Sejong Center for the Performing Arts   Gangnam Tourism Information Center Ticket office near Gwanghwamun Koreana Hotel
Inquiry +82-2-1544-4239 +82-2-1544-5519 +82-2-777-6090

*Also, celebrating the opening of the transfer between the Gangnam and Gangbuk routes, transfer tickets are discounted up to 75% until the end of June. Purchasing tickets separately for an adult for the panorama route (KRW 15,000) and the ring route (KRW 12,000) costs KRW 27,000 total, but one transfer ticket only costs KRW 18,000.


※ Panorama Route (15,000 won) + Gangnam Ring Route (3,000 won, 75% discount)
※Gangnam Ring Route (12,000 won) + Panorama Route (6,000 won, 60% discount)


In the case of using only the ring route, the ticket costs 5,000 won, 7,000 won discounted from the normal fare of 12,000 won.