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  • For more news about Korea in portuguese: #HappySeoul is an unofficial, non-commercial music video to the Pharrell Williams song “Happy”, from the film “Despicable Me 2, made by a group of expats and Koreans living in Seoul. #HappySeoul Credits: Directed by: Raoul Dyssell Produced by: Raoul Dyssell + Allan Choi D.O.P: Daniel Smukalla Choreographer: Ma-Abena Edited by: Raoul Dyssell Coloring by: Daniel Smukalla + Oro Padron Co-Producers: Woonjong Jeon, Joohee Shim + Esther Jie Graphic Design: Nick Neon 1st A.D: Esther Jie, Bokyoung Choi 2nd A.D: Mikhail Motala Assistant Camera: Michael Lindberg Sound Mastering: Seokdo Yoon BTS: Johan Ahn + Mikhail Motala Production Company: Roll The Dice Pictures GROUPS: Last For One ( Korean Ukulele Music Association ( Real Freerun Djembe Korea (…) Urban Play ( Ground Jam ( Manshigan ( Lee Action Stunt Team PEOPLE: Aleki Django Alyssa Bayer Chung Shinyeob Danny Kim Doo Seok Yoon Dreamer One Lee + Jinhee Park Dubhan Conroy Eunmee Mia Lee Gee Gee Lee Ghunhee Shim Hee Wook Ahn + Hee Tae Ahn Hyun Seok Yoon Jay Kim Ji-Yeon Woo Jung Ah Jung KyungMin Jeong Lucia Choi Nevada Rhodes (…) Olivie IH-Prost Rydia Kim Stacy Kim Soojin Park Sieun Oh Sae-Il Oh + Jihee Kim & Jarin Oh + Daun Oh Sun Lim Sydney Langford Tae Young Lee Yeonseo Seo Yennie Shon + Gyoung Ga Kwak Wonseo Yeom PLACES: Seoul Metropolitan Government Lotte World Ice Skating Rink Mercenatpolis IFC Mall Nanji Hangang Park Swimming Pool Jogyesa Temple (http:// ( Suninjae Guesthouse HA:US Guesthouse ( Gowon Elementary School Poco-Grande ( Noryangjin Fishmarket Youl Bar Yura.In Studio (

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