Data base date : February 8, 2017

Representative colors of Seoul


Dancheong red(traditional Korean
decorative coloring)

  • A wishful color symbolizing good health and peace
  • A palatial color used in Joseon’s royal structures for 600 years
  • The color most favored by Seoulites



Hangang (River) silver 

  • A radiant silvery  white  color evoking the waters of the Hangang (River)
  • A color symbolizing the “white-clad” Korean people
  • A granite color typical of Seoul’s mountains

50 District Colors of Seoul

서울 지역색 50

250 Current Colors of Seoul

서울 현상색 250

600 Recommended Colors for Seoul (62 Achromatic + 538 Chromatic)

서울 권장색 600