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Seoul Typeface

Seoul’s original typeface, the Seoul Typeface, was developed to enhance Seoul’s brand value. Based on the Myeongjo Font (Korean serif type), the type family includes four Seoul Hangang fonts (light, medium, bold, and extra bold), four san-serif Seoul Namsan fonts (light, medium, bold, and extra bold), and one font for vertical writing, making nine fonts in total.

The Seoul Typeface was inspired by the spirit of the nation’s classical scholars. Its simple yet elegant features make good use of empty space and capture the elegant curves of the Hanok, or traditional Korean houses. The name incorporates Hangang and Namsan, two of Seoul’s most important assets. The typeface is intended to foster cultural pride in both written and spoken Korean.

Comparison of Seoul Typeface and
Seoul Typeface Condensed


Seoul Hangang font

서울한강체 특징


  • The serif was shortened to give the font a contemporary edge. 
  • Decorative elements were kept to a minimum for simplicity. 
  • The separated ends are spread so that the motif looks more‘open.’ 
  • The vertical and horizontal strokes are well balanced to improve readability.  
  • The vowels have no serif for a cleaner image.
  • Projections we removed to create a cool space. 

  • The consonants have no serif for a cleaner image.

Seoul Namsan font

서울 남산체


  • The asymmetric “ㅅ” gives the font more movement.  

  • Its elongated letters create extra space between the letters to improve readability.
  • The space between the letters and characters create enhanced spatial beauty. 

  • The lines were inspired by the curves of traditional Korean buildings. 

  • The bottom outline was made uneven to improve recognition. 

Seoul Typeface Download

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WINDOW(TTF) compatible with Window98, Window XP, Window Vista

MAC(OTF) Machinosh OS X(version 10.4xand above)

Versions before Seoul Font March 2010 (08 Seoul Namsan Font, 08 Seoul Hangang Font)

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Copyrights for Seoul Type

Seoul Type  is available to download for free. Everyone is welcome to utilize the Type on multimedia channels, publications, web, and mobile formats without seeking permission.
Note that distributing Seoul Type in exchange for money or any other commercial acts is prohibited.

Seoul Type
Seoul Type is a unique typeface developed for Seoul and is widely used to emphasize Seoul’s identity and elevate its brand value.
A total of nineteen Types were designed for the purposes above :
Seoul Hangang River Type (Light, Medium, Bold, Extra Bold)
Seoul Namsan Mountain Type (Light, Medium, Bold, Extra Bold),
1 Type for vertical writing Seoul Hanggang River Condensed (Light, Medium, Bold, Extra Bold, Black)
Seoul Namsan Mountain Comdensed (Light, Medium, Bold, Extra Bold, Black)
Seoul Type was inspired by the unwavering spirit of classical scholars and beauty of simplicity.
The structure was designed to resemble the gradual curves of a traditional hanok roof.
The names come from Seoul’s natural landmarks Hangang River and namsan Mountain. Seoul Type inherits Korea’s aesthetics and was designed to highlight the beauty of written Korean

Seoul Type (normal)

Seoul Type (condensed)